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Making a Difference

We collaborate with local schools and Health and Wellness Departments to provide top-tier educational support, including specialized tutoring for students with medical conditions in both inpatient and outpatient hospital settings. Our services also cater to homeschooling groups, after-school programs, and various educational organizations, ensuring diverse and comprehensive academic assistance.

Tutoring a Student
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School Partnerships

Einstein Tutoring LLC partners with public, private, charter, cyber, and independent schools to offer personalized 1-on-1 tutoring for students in grades K-12. Our services are flexible, available during school hours, after school, or even at the student's home, making Einstein Tutoring the ideal choice for addressing the academic needs of students.

Hospitals and Treatment Facilities

We provide specialized tutoring for school-age patients in both hospital settings and through virtual platforms. Once a patient is referred by hospital staff, our virtual coordinator matches them with a qualified tutor for consistent one-on-one sessions. These tutors work closely with the patient's school to maintain educational continuity, offering tailored curriculum and frequent communication to ensure a seamless integration of learning with the patient's healthcare.

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Special Education

We collaborate with special education directors to develop tailored tutoring programs for students requiring extra support, both in schools and at home. Our joint efforts with schools ensure a flexible and individualized approach, contributing significantly to the overall academic achievement of the students.

For more information on our partnering programs please email or call 949-355-2193.

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