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Advancing Educational Achievement Amidst Mental Health Care

We specializes in an instructional methodology tailored to students undergoing inpatient, residential, or day-treatment care, focusing on sustaining and enhancing their academic development.

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Now Offering Virtual and In-Person Tutoring

About Us

Einstein Tutoring LLC offers a unique blend of over 20 years of private tutoring expertise with comprehensive academic support across all stages of care. Specializing in key subjects like math and SAT prep, we extend our services beyond traditional settings to include in-home and hospital tutoring, ensuring uninterrupted educational development. Our approach addresses mental health needs and supports academic wellness during and after treatment. In partnership with hospitals, treatment facilities, and K-12 school districts, we are committed to delivering holistic educational support that integrates mental health wellness with academic excellence.

Why Choose Einstein Tutoring LLC?

  • Expert Private Tutors Across Disciplines

  • Flexible and Convenient Scheduling

  • Holistic College Prep Support

  • Value-Driven and Effective

  • Round-the-Clock Support and Quick Placement

  • Safety and Quality Assured

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Personalized Learning Solutions for Students of All Ages

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