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  • Our subject tutoring services begin at a rate of $75 per hour, offering an exceptional value for personalized academic support tailored to your needs.

  • Elevate your exam performance with our preparatory services for exams like SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Test, PCAT, DET, OAT, and MCAT. Starting at $85 per hour, these sessions are meticulously crafted to ensure you're prepared for success.

  • Allow us to guide you toward esteemed educational institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, MIT, USC, and UCLA. Our proven track record speaks to our commitment to helping you reach your academic aspirations.

  • 10 hours/month for subject tutoring 

  • Summer Enrichment Program for K-12

  • PSAT Programs​

  • SAT and ACT Preparation Programs

  • AP Preparation Program

  • Quizzes, Midterms, and Final Exam Prep

  • California High School Exit Exam Preparation

  • STAR Testing Preparation

  • Teacher Follow-up Program

  • Prices for MCAT/PCAT/LSAT Vary

College Lecture
College Application Assistance

Start to Finish Assistance


  • Personal Statement

  • Supplemental College Application Essays

  • College Selection Process

  • Utilizing Early Decision/Early Action

  • Planning Campus Visits and Researching Colleges

  • Securing Recommendation Letters

  • Activities and Honors Sections

  • Interview Preparation

  • Overall Organization

The college admissions process is complex. We’re here to help. We offer a variety of essay coaching and admissions consulting packages. At Einstein Tutoring, nothing is one-size-fits-all. Students can customize their plan by choosing the packages that suit their needs. The first three packages focus on college application essays, while the Admissions Consulting package focuses on college selection and the application itself.

SAT/ACT Preparation

Step One: Contact us. In an initial phone call, we’ll take down your information, get a sense of your needs, and usually arrange diagnostic testing for your child.

Step Two: Complete free diagnostic testing. Full-length diagnostic tests are the best metric for us to establish a student’s baseline and analyze strengths and weaknesses. In most cases, we recommend students try both a diagnostic SAT and a diagnostic ACT, so we can compare their performance across the two tests and determine which test gives them a better chance to maximize their score. Our diagnostic tests are full-length official tests. Each test lasts approximately 3 hours.

Step Three: Consultation. After your child has completed diagnostic testing, we will email you detailed score reports that assess student performance in a variety of categories. We’ll reach out to schedule a complimentary phone consultation. Meanwhile, our team will meet to analyze the results and collectively agree upon an ideal prep plan. During the consultation, we will make recommendations for which test to take, which test dates to target, how much prep to complete before testing, and which tutor to work with.

Step Four: Connect with your tutor. Once we have agreement on a prep plan, we will have your tutor contact you directly. The tutor will schedule the first session and send along any needed links and materials.

Step Five: Tutoring and practice tests. Your child will meet 1-on-1 with their tutor for the recommended number of weeks before their first test date. For most students, we recommend once-weekly tutoring sessions, along with weekly full-length proctored practice tests. These proctored practice tests, which are always offered free of charge to our students, allow us to monitor progress and guide sessions. In tutoring sessions, we primarily use the questions that students miss on their practice tests to drive the content of the session, allowing us to focus only on the concepts, strategies, and approaches that a student needs to improve.

Step Six: Take the test. We typically recommend students target multiple test dates, with a prep plan devised to give students a shot at doing their best on the first attempt, but really aiming to hit their target score by the end of the second test. After the first test, we’ll check in and update the plan accordingly for the second attempt, if necessary.


Terms and Agreements for Packages: Hours are to be used during the during the period interval and not valid past expiration date. Unless the hours are left open ended and then only are hours to be used to the clients discretion. Hours purchased at the discount plan are to be used during during the designated time periods. It is the clients responsibility to schedule the hours. Hours will not be extended if clients cancels sessions, the only time hours may be extended are if tutor has to reschedule. Hours do not carry over from previous bills when hours are billed they are to be used by expiration date. Meeting are recorded by tutor and given weekly updates to the company. Sessions are paid two weeks in advance before tutoring session can continue. Hours do not roll over after the expiration date and are voided at the new bill cycle which is every 2 weeks.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Cash, Check, and Venmo ​

Programs and Rates

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group study


  • Sign up for more hours and get discounted rate

  • Families with 2 or more kids get discounted rates

  • Coupons

  • Refer a family and get one free session


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