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Help With Distance Learning

It seems that distance learning is the common way for students to receive their regular instruction more now than ever before. Distance learning is safe and effective, giving students their lessons and instructions through a video chat broadcast over the internet. While distance learning does have its benefits, it can also be difficult for students. Distance learning lacks the one-on-one instruction and personal contact that many students need to succeed. Often, students can become lost and confused with distance learning, and their grades will suffer. To help combat this, many parents are supplementing their child's studies with tutoring. In-person tutoring is a great way to help your student comprehend and grasp the subjects and still give your student the one-on-one attention they need.

College Friends

At Einstein Tutoring, our team is proud to offer private tutoring for your student. We have trained and professional tutors that are willing to work with students of any age, including high school seniors. Our private tutoring can be for just one subject or test or ongoing for students struggling with a year of distance learning instruction. Private tutoring can be in-person, at your home, or conducted with a video chat remotely. Private tutoring from Einstein Tutoring is completely customizable to the student, allowing you to choose the frequency, duration, and subject matter covered with every private tutoring instruction session. If you are interested in adding supplemental tutoring to help your student struggling with distance learning, reach out today to learn more about how we can help.

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